Frederick County community angered by racist graffiti on Md. 180

The racist comments were scrawled on the roadway in pink. (Photo: ABC7)

A Frederick County neighborhood is hurt and angry after they discovered racist graffiti spray painted on a street a few weeks ago.

The graffiti was found on Maryland State Route 180 and police are looking for who is responsible for the hate graffiti.

It's an ugly comment in large letters spray painted in pink right on the road from Petersville to Frederick.

It's hard for anyone to miss and hard for people who live in this community and pass along this road to miss the intent of the message.

The fact that the words "go back to Africa" were painted in the middle of the predominately African American community, nestled in the countryside just a few miles from Frederick, is viewed as a threat to those who live here.

The message has brought hurt and anger to a community where everyone knows their neighbors and have lived together in peace and quiet.

The graffiti remained untouched in the the road for almost three weeks.

Finally, after complaints to state police, highway crews early this morning came out and tarred over the paint.

The graffiti is gone, neighbors say, but the peace has been broken and a sense of security in the community has been lost.