10 arsons go unsolved in Frederick

A home on Young Place damaged by fire. (Photo: Brad Bell)

There have been 10 unsolved arsons in Frederick since December and police believe they are connected.

The two most recent fired occurred Sunday on Eighth Street and Young Place in the City of Frederick.

The victims who live in one of the houses heard a loud bang in their carport at about 3 a.m. Sunday. They were lucky it was loud enough to wake them up, as they made it out safely as the fire spread into their home.

An hour later, a few blocks away, another family was awakened when a neighbor spotted their recycling can on fire and called the fire department.

“I was in my room and I was looking out the window and the next thing you know somebody's knocking at the door and telling us to get across the street,” said one of the victims, who declined to be identified out of safety concerns. “Well it’s scary because you don't know if they're gonna do it again and you don't know who's doing it and why.”

Those are the big questions in the neighborhood bordering Fort Detrick. Three houses had been hit by fires on that one street since December. One had been destroyed and rebuilt.

No one has been hurt in the fires but neighbors wonder when that luck will run out.

“There’s a lot of seniors around here,” said Connie Carreon. “You know what I mean if it got real bad it could be a disaster they be killed or anything.”

A team of police detectives and fire marshals are investigating. But evidence of arson has been scarce and no arrests have been made.