Fred Glaser, of Potomac, is reunited with hist lost class ring after 50 years thanks to strangers

(NewsChannel 8) – A Potomac man who lost his class ring almost half a century ago has been reunited with the ring thanks to complete strangers.

Fred Glaser was checking his voicemails in his kitchen last month when he heard a message from New York University’s alumni office.

“I received an email from a family who thinks that they may have found your NYU class ring,” the message said.

Glaser hadn’t seen the ring since 1965 when he gave it to a girlfriend to symbolize they were “going steady”. The ring fell off her necklace while the couple was taking a drive along the Bronx River Parkway in New York. Glaser, who went on to serve in Vietnam and got married, never imagined he’d see the ring again.

A man with a metaldector found the ring eight years later.

“There was no searchable path for him to search me out, so he tossed it into a tin box where he put it with all the rest of the buttons and pins and things that he had found over the years,” said Glaser.

When the man with the metal detector died, his wife and nephew made it their mission to reunite the ring with its owner.

Three days after NYU made that phone call, Glaser’s class ring arrived, polished and as good as new.

“They took the effort. Many people wouldn’t,” said Glaser.

"I think it makes you realize there are good people. And it makes you realize how good and how nice people can be,” said Naomi Glaser, Fred’s then girlfriend who lost the ring, now his wife.

"I mean, I guess I was upset. I was because he was upset and he liked possessions and things like that,” said Naomi.

Naomi Glaser has gone on to lose many more pieces of jewelry, but maybe that’s their secret to staying married for all of these years.

"If you ask me what I'm gonna do with the ring? I'm not gonna give it back to her,” said Fred.

The couple said the ring will be safer with their grandchildren, so they plan on passing it down as a family heirloom.