Freak chain of events during storm kills man in Temple Hills

Photo: Richard Reeve/ABC7

Update 7:57 p.m.: Police have identified the man who died as 19 year-old Indy Robert Saunders of the 3500 block of Southern Avenue in D.C.

The violent storms that ripped through the metro area Friday night into Saturday morning flooded streets, knocked out power to thousands, and in Temple Hills took the life of Indy Robert Saunders, 19.

"This is crazy. I've never seen anything like this before", remarked resident James Moore.

"I seen all the power lines down there. I was like- the electricity hit pretty hard last night."

Authorities say the man was standing outside a liquor store along the 3200 Block of Naylor Road, aound two am Saturday, when he was struck and killed by a falling pole and live power lines.

PG Fire and EMS says the man sustained crushing injuries, and had burns to over fifty percent of his body.

An exact cause of death- whether the man was killed by the pole or the wires that carry 32,000 volts of electricity, is unclear at this time.

"The lightning woke me up around 2:30"--- that from Stacy Jones, who lives just a few doors from where the man was killed.

She heard trees snapping, before coming out to survey the damage.

"It was just horrible. That tree fell, it caused all those poles to fall down. It was very loud."

The heavy winds and rain flooded roadways like Route 110 along Arlington National Cemetery, with waters half-a-hubcap high.

Scattered power outages included sections of Alabama Avenue, in SE Washington, where a blown out transformer left dozens of homes in the dark for hours.

Pepco says up to 4400 customers in Prince George's County and the District lost power.

Sheila Akrons lives along Naylor Road.

"It went out, then it came back on, went out and stayed out until like 5:30 this morning", she says.

Many in the neighborhood are shocked and saddened at the man's death.

"The way the storm was going, this was no place for anybody to be outside", Wallace Harris says.

"If you had any type of shelter, you should've been inside."

Freak chain of events during storm kills one

A freak chain of events left one dead during the storm that hit late Friday.

About 2 a.m., firefighters responded to a report of downed utility lines near Naylor Road and Southern Avenue in Temple Hills, according to a release from Prince George's County police.

Investigators believe a large tree fell on utility lines which then snapped and tore down a utility pole.

While assessing damage, workers found a 25-year-old man who had been hit by the top-half of the snapped utility pole and power lines in the 3200 block of Naylor Road, the release said.

Rescue workers could not reach the man due to the energized utility lines. When power was shut off in the area, paramedics found the man with burns to more than 50 percent of his body and crushing injuries. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police believe the man was in the wrong place at the wrong time and will be investigating it as an accidental, weather-related death, said Prince George's County Police spokesman Cpl. Mike Rodriguez.