Frager's Hardware selling what's left after fire

The fire at Frager's Hardware billowed smoke seen across the D.C. area. (Photo: Van Applegate/ABC7)

Frager’s Hardware store, which burned down earlier this week, is continuing to sell what wasn’t destroyed at their Eastern Market location. Mayor Vincent Gray showed his support for the store in person Sunday afternoon.

Kristin Sampson, who works at Frager’s Garden Center, said there will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony Sunday at noon.

“Our goal, at least for this first weekend, is to have the plants, the pottery and probably a limited selection of mulch and materials,” Kristin Sampson said.

While workers moved pots, plants and other materials, Susan Kolodziejczyk showed up with her five-year old daughter, Joanne.

They brought home-made vanilla cupcakes to say thanks to the workers at the landmark hardware store who were moving to their temporary location.

The Kolodziejczyks live in the 16th Street Heights neighborhood but they understand how much meaning Frager’s has for the Capitol Hill neighborhood and the rest of the city.

“Special people in a special place…and I kind of wanted to see for myself what happened,” Kolodziejczyk said. “We came here when you knew you needed something you can’t find anywhere else.”

Across the way, firefighters used the recent unfortunate events as a chance to remind area residents of the importance of smoke detectors.

The fire is still under investigation, but there has been criticism of the way it was handled.

In published reports, leaders from the firefighter union pointed out the city’s only tower truck was not used in the firefight.

Acting Chief John Donnely said having that one truck would not have made a difference.