Fourth of July Parade draws thousands to Constitution Avenue

Photo: Jeff Goldberg/ABC7

Thousands lined Constitution Avenue for the annual Fourth of July parade today. And the weather cooperated for marching bands, floats and a host of other sights aimed at celebrating our America's Independence Day.

"The balloons and the float, everything's great. And the kids are having a great time," says Erica Robinson of D.C.

And Jason Brooks was making a killing selling water.

"I'm gonna be out there till like 10 o'clock tonight," Brooks says.

Thousands lined the streets to watch what makes America home for so many.

"It's lovely. Our son's adopted from Russia and he calls this his home country. It's a lovely place," says Jeff Zupanc of Sewickley, Pa.

The whole McIlvenna family came decked out from Ashburn, Va.

"It's always colorful and they go down the road and it's here, excited," says Izzy McIlvenna.

Among the highlights of this annual parade are the big balloons--and the biggest one of all is the American eagle, a symbol of the freedom veterans like Wayne Rauh fought for.

"There's so many people who've stood up for this country, and there's a lot that still want to," Rauh says.