Fourth of July expected to be a soggy one

With the chance of a summer storm every day this week, towns trying to put on Fourth of July fireworks displays are nervous.

“It’s difficult to plan any event when you have to depend on Mother Nature, especially when you deal with tens of thousands of people,” says Gabe Albornoz.

Albornoz oversees all the fireworks displays for the Fourth of July in Montgomery County. The county actually runs two of the celebrations and shows – one in Germantown and one in Kensington.

Like all of his counterparts in the D.C. area, the weather has left Albornoz on pins and needles this week. The forecast for the Fourth of July shows heavy rain. With plans set and the hundreds of pounds of fireworks on the way, what do you do if Mother Nature won’t let you set them off?

Friday is the rain date, but rain is expected then, too.

“We’ll have our own private one,” says Brian Ruberry. “The weather is not going to be a factor.”

“If it rains horribly I’m probably going to stay home and watch them on TV,” says Annie Sacks.

But for thousands of families like the Muses’, who made it a tradition to view the local fireworks displays, this year could leave them with nothing to celebrate.

“Especially for the kids,” Charlita Muse says. “We’re not allowed to shoot off fireworks in Maryland, so it would be good if we are able to see them.”

Officials say the fireworks on the National Mall will be canceled if there are heavy winds, heavy rains, or lightning. If they are canceled, fireworks will be set off Friday.