Four Seasons Hotel hosts Thanksgiving for first responders

(WJLA) - On Thursday, local first responders enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast fit for a pilgrim! For the 14th year, the Four Seasons hotel in Georgetown served up five star meals for hundreds of D.C.'s finest.

Hotel manager Rolf Lippuner said, “First responders do so much for us throughout the year in every way and this is a very small way in which we give back to them.”

Each year, Four Seasons hotel employees come in on their day off, roll up their sleeves and roll out the welcome mat to the city’s public servants – police, firefighters, even emergency room staff from nearby hospitals.

The meal was served on a twenty-first century version of the mayflower. Inside the 53-foot tractor trailer, Washington's finest enjoyed a fine dining experience with candles, silver and china.

D.C. Firefighter Donald Simpson said, “It really helps morale out there. We're here. We're away from our families. We're our only families when we're together. This right here really helps us out.”

The Four Seasons culinary staff begins preparing the meal about a week in advance, including 300 pounds of turkey, 200 pounds of potatoes and more than 100 pies.

The hotel’s executive chef Douglas Anderson said, “We cook everything really last minute in this hotel. So a lot of it we roast in the morning. We fight over oven space and then we get it out so it's nice and fresh.”

U.S. Park Police Officer Jerome Stoudamire said, “[I’m] just very, very thankful and grateful that you have people like this who dedicate their time and effort to come out there and do this for those of us who have to be here.”