Four Mile Run sexual assault suspect still on the loose

Arlington county police say finding the person who attacked a 23-year-old woman on Four Mile Run on July 3rd around 7:30 in the evening is a priority.

The knifepoint abduction and assault was particularly violent and women who use this paved path to bike, hike and run are scared.

“No would should have to go through that,” says Alicia Rush, a par patron. “Male or female, everybody should feel safe.”

Police are patrolling not only the trail itself but the many entrances that merge into the pathway. The concern is that the man will strike again.

The victim describes her attacker as being short with a small build, dark hair, a high pitched voice and a shirt that states the word “George,” in perhaps “George Mason University” style print. She says during the attack that the man may have had a Spanish accent and didn't speak much English.

The word of warning by police is going out in both English and Spanish.