Four Mile Run sexual assault suspect sought after Tuesday attack

The woman was sexually assaulted near mile marker 44 on the trail, police say. File Photo: Brianne Carter

An Arlington woman was sexually assaulted on the Four Mile Run trail on Tuesday evening, police say, and a search is on for her attacker.

The victim told police she noticed the man when she passed him jogging once. She thought nothing of it and kept going.

Minutes later, around 7:45 p.m., police say, the 23-year-old saw the suspect again, but this time he spoke. In a heavy Spanish accent, he asked for directions. When she came closer he took out a knife, threatened her and dragged her into a wooded area.

According to Arlington County Police the suspect held her down by the neck, choked her and raped her.

The suspect fled the scene, while police say the victim ran home, then drove herself to Virginia Hospital Center for treatment. Hospital staff then contacted authorities.

Cyclist John Zeray said, "It gives me a little bit of a scare, because that means there are dangerous people out there."

Others exercising on the bike trail Wednesday say they're concerned. But, they add, they only visit the area during the day.

"That's probably a little late to be jogging. I'd say closer to daylight I start my ride, 7, 6:45 somewhere around there," bicyclist Donna Jessen added.

Police describe the suspect as a Hispanic man, standing about 5-foot-5 and weighing 140. The victim says the suspect had short black hair, brown eyes, no facial hair and spoke very limited English.

At the time of the attack, police say the man was wearing a green t-shirt with "George" printed on the front; authorities believe it may have been a a George Mason University shirt.

Anyone with information on the identity of the suspect is asked to contact Arlington Police at (703) 228-4198.