Children attacked by dog have to get rabies shots

11-year-old Mikhail Andrews suffered a minor bite wound in the attack. (Photo: Jummy Olabanji/ABC7)

The children who were bitten by a bulldog in a dog attack on a school bus last week will have to get shots to prevent rabies, WTOP reports.

Prince George's County Health Officer Dr. Donald Shell told the station that the state wasn’t able to test the animal for rabies, “so therefore there's a need to protect the children and for them to receive a rabies vaccination."

Dr. Shell said the treatment is based on a course of vaccinations that are similar to immunizations.

Police released a recording of the 911 call Friday that detailed wt how a 150-pound animal ran onto a school bus and attacked children.

"There's a pit bull attacking the kids on the bus," the caller tells the 911 operator.

The dog had followed children in the Clinton neighborhood onto their school bus Wednesday morning.

911: "Ok, is he (the dog) on the bus?"
Caller: "He got on the bus, now he attacking one of the kids."

The reported pitbull turned out to be a bulldog. Four schoolchildren were injured in the incident, which took place as children were boarding the bus at the corner of Windbrook Drive and Deka Road, police say.

Prince George's County Police say that responding officers could not control the large dog after the attack and were forced to shoot the animal. Despite canvassing the neighborhood, police have not located the owner and the person has not come forward.

Bus driver Barry Jones said that when he saw the dog run in and go after the bus filled with elementary school kids, he knew he had to act.

“He (the dog) started biting on one of my kids and I tried to kick him then I tried to grab him but he jumped on the seats after the boy,” Jones said. “He was going on the seat where I was sitting at and he started biting me.”

Jones was able to grab the dog and get him off the bus. But Hilda Warren, who was out in her front yard, saw the dog go after an 11-year-old who ran off the bus. Jones got the dog off that boy but the dog ran back into the bus and attacked another child. Jones threw the dog off the bus.

All four students were taken to Southern Maryland Hospital for treatment.
One student, 11-year-old Mikhail Andrews, suffered bite wounds to his arm, leg and buttocks.

"I guess they were scared, and he just started biting people," Andrews said.
Mikhail says he quickly ran off the bus when the dog got on, but the animal quickly got off and bit him. He and another witness, Ruby Brumfeld, said the dog appeared to be friendly when it approached the bus.

"All of a sudden, they started screaming, and the dog ran on the bus with the kids," Brumfeld said.

11-year-old Rishaun Ray also needed stitches after the attack. His stepfather, Sam Hall, called the scene "unreal."

"It's just very upsetting that someone would be so irresponsible and let a dog of that nature run free," Hall said.

Police say the owner could face several charges. Prince George's County Public Schools officials say they are drafting a letter to send home to parents.