Four arrested related to HVAC parts thefts in Woodbridge, Triangle

Police have arrested four people in connection to the theft of HVAC parts from a church in Woodbridge and a building in Triangle.

Security cameras at First Church of the Nazarene in Woodbridge captured the thieves as they drove up, got out, and started cutting away, just after midnight.

Every thirty minutes that night a mini-van drove up and, one by one, the thieves loaded six machines, and drove off. The six units are worth nearly $60,000.

Athan Burch is pastor of First Nazarene. The church has a daycare and school. The thieves didn't get the units for that part of the building, but the church is left in the cold.

The day after the theft at the church, two more HVAC units were stolen from outside a building in Triangle. Working on a tip, officers went to a home in Woodbridge, found the mini-van and disassembled HVAC parts in the house.

One of the people arrested is a former HVAC repairman, sources tell ABC7.

It will cost tens of thousands of dollars for the church to buy new units and make the inside system compatible.

Burch says insurance will only cover a small portion of what's needed. And cold weather is coming, there is not enough money in the bank, and some parishioners are already behind on tuition at the school.