Four arrested for Spotsylvania water scam

Four Spotsylvania County persons are facing felony charges after using nearly $1,000 worth of water without paying for it, police said.

Police and a utility worker discovered the four had installed a jumper faucet inside the water meter at their house on Rainer Lane. That diverted the water away from the meter, essentially side-stepping charging for water use.

The total water loss between March and June was 65,100 gallons, totaling $902.33, police said. Four people living in the house were charged with obtaining utilities under false pretenses, a felony charge, and larceny, police said.

Police identified the charged as Rickey Lee Story, 53, John Garner, 46, and Norma Madison, 43, and Amy Lee Story, 20. The three older adults have been arrested while the 20-year-old woman has been charged but not arrested yet, police said.