Fort Washington residents affected by neighborhood landslide fight to save homes

FORT WASHINGTON, Md. (WJLA) - Residents of a Fort Washington neighborhood that experienced a landslide in May met with county officials behind closed doors Thursday.

Afterwards, an attorney for the residents called the talks "productive in some respects," but added that there was a lot more to discuss.

In early May, a hill in the Piscataway Hills neighborhood gave way, wiping out part of Piscataway Drive along with water and sewer lines.

Initially, 28 homes were declared unsafe to live in, but since then many residents have been able to move back after a temporary water line was put in.

There are still five homes that the county has condemned at the top of the hill that gave way.

The attorney for the residents says the county informed them that it was still millions of dollars short of the money it needs. He said state money the county had been hoping for will likely not be obtained.

Saving the homes at the top of the hill would cost millions more than just saving the other homes.

A recent plan the county put forward would save 22 of the homes, but would lead to the county buying out the other six -- which includes the five at the top of the hill, plus one at the bottom that neighbors say hasn't been lived in in years.

At a meeting last week, neighbors told the county they wanted a plan to save all 28 homes. When asked if that was still the goal after Thursday's closed-door meeting, the attorney for the residents said he was "not at liberty to answer that right now."