Terraine Saunders killed while walking in Fort Washington

Photo: Beechwood/Flickr

A man was struck and killed by a car Thursday morning while walking along a sidewalk in Fort Washington, police say.

Prince George's County Police officials say that the crash happened just before 6:30 a.m. in the 9200 block of Livingston Road.

At the time of the incident, police say a driver fell asleep at the wheel and struck a curb near where 46-year-old Terraine Saunders and his presumed wife were walking.

The driver woke up when the car hit the curb, but he was unable to regain control of the vehicle before hitting Saunders.

According to sources, Saunders and his wife were walking with their backs to the fast approaching car. His wife was slightly ahead.

Saunders heard a noise and screamed just before impact. The woman turned and saw her husband get hit. She was just able to get out of the way. Saunders died from his injuries.

Bill Smith and Melvin Pounds work at a business abutting the accident scene. They understand that the driver fell asleep but they say they've seen cars run off the road here before and they hope this leads to change.

“It's a constant problem here,” Pounds says.

Smith called the incident terrible and urged action.

“This fatality that just happened just shows you something has to be done,” Smith says.

The accident remains under investigation.