Fort Totten armed robbery suspects sought by Park Police

One of the suspects was caught on camera at the Brookland Metro station. Photo: U.S. Park Police

(WJLA) - Authorities are looking for three people they say are behind an armed robbery on a foot path near Fort Totten.

On December 4 around 8 p.m., U.S. Park Police say that a young woman was walking a popular path near the Fort Totten Metro station, when two men with a gun came up behind her and took her purse and cell phone.

"It is alarming," said Bobbi Felder. "We've heard about a few robberies -- another guy got beat over the summer really bad, it's like it happens every three to four months."

Usually, investigators don’t have much to go on – but this time, they got lucky. Just 20 minutes after the robbery, the suspects used the victim's SmarTrip metro card at the Brookland Metro station.

Police have surveillance video of the individuals, and say that they continued to use the victim's card for the next eight days.

Residents in the area know about the robberies, but are still using the cut-through path.

"Believe it or not, it saves me -- I kid you not -- at least ten minutes,"{ } said Eric Smith.

"It's best to go with someone, and if I'm not with anyone, I usually take the 80 bus and not go through the woods by myself," added Rhythm Bowers.

We spotted a solar light that one cited was helpful, but it glowed only intermittently. And a temporary gas-powered light didn’t come on at all. Eric Smith now brings his own headlamp – which helps a little.

"When I go through here, I do tend to kind of pick up my pace," he admitted.

Meanwhile, take a good look. Police are hoping that somebody out there recognizes these suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to call 202-610-8601.