Fort Reno concerts will survive after organizers, Park Police reach agreement

A summer concert tradition will go on in Washington.

Organizers of the Fort Reno concerts have found common ground, after a dispute with U.S. Park Police nearly ended the 46-year tradition.

But the tradition was threatened this year when the National Park Service demanded constant police presence and $2,000 up front. The concert organizers, all volunteers, said they couldn't afford it and called off the series this summer.

Monday morning, after complaints about no concerts from the halls of Congress to the street, the organizers and the Park Service announced a deal, allowing the organizers to pay on the installment plan,

D.C.'S shadow Senator Paul Strauss brought the sides together.

"It was very important to me personally as well as in my official capacity that we can have this happen," he says.

So the concerts will go on beginning July 7.