Fort Myer Construction worker killed

The company where the man was struck by the dump truck. (Photo: Gail Huff)

An 81-year-old man was killed Thursday after he was struck by a dump truck in the parking lot of a construction company in Northeast D.C, police say.

The man, who worked for Fort Myer Construction in the 1100 block of W Street NE, was delivering mail around the facility when he was struck by the truck at about 9:20 a.m.

The dump truck carries asphalt at the site.

Witnesses say that after the dump truck driver struck him the first time, they realized they hit something, and then backed up and struck him again.

The 40 year old company is the largest supplier of asphalt in Washington D.C., working on government projects like this bridge reconstruction on New York Ave.

Last fiscal year, Fort Myer was paid over $78 million by the district and receiving many awards for safety, according to the company's website.

Yet. Three years ago yesterday, another Fort Myer employee was killed, under similar circumstances in Capitol Heights, when a dump truck driver backed over him.

Tuesday at the plant on W street in Northeast, police questioned the driver of the dump truck.

Workers coming to load asphalt, just can't believe the man who waved them in everyday with a smile, is now gone.