Fort Foote Elementary school attempted robbery investigated

Fort Foote Elementary (Photo: WJLA)

An intruder is still on the loose after attempting to rob a school aide inside Fort Foote Elementary Wednesday afternoon, Prince George’s County police said.

The suspect was startled and fled the school, located in the 8300 block of Oxon Hill Road in Fort Washington, before he was able to obtain property, police said.

The school went on lockdown and students were dismissed for the day.

People who live in the community were not only fearful, they were also in a state of shock.

Eric Platter is the husband of the woman who the intruder tried to rob. He told ABC7 that he got a call he never thought he'd receive.

"You run up in a school, a kid could have been hurt, injured," Platter said. "An innocent life who can't protect himself. It's an outrage."

Police say a man in his 20s entered Fort Foote Elementary while hundreds of children were in class and demanded money from Platter's wife, a secretary at the school.

While a weapon was never seen, police say the man indicated he had one.

Residents could not fathom why anyone would try and rob an elementary school.

"He's not going to get much of anything out of there," said neighbor John Outlaw. "Why would he go in there and rob a school?"

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them immediately.