Former Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder 'disappointed' by Cuccinelli's snub of McAuliffe

      (WJLA) – Former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder said Thursday he’s disappointed Ken Cuccinelli didn’t give Terry McAuliffe a congratulatory phone call before officially conceding his fate in the state’s gubernatorial race.

      “First of all, I couldn’t believe it,” Wilder said. “And then when Terry stopped by to see me, a few days afterwards, we were walking from my office back to the elevator. Terry looked at me.”

      Wilder chuckled before continuing.

      “He said, ‘You know, he still hasn’t called me,’ ” Wilder said. “And I couldn’t believe it. I said, ‘Even now?’

      “So yes, I was disappointed,” the former governor said. “. . .THAT is not the Virginia way.”

      Wilder endorsed McAuliffe in the race.

      Earlier this week, Cuccinelli told the Washington Post he didn’t make a call to McAuliffe because he disliked the latter’s campaign agenda that went heavy on Cuccinelli’s social-issues record – a record he says was unfairly distorted.