Former SHA employee to testify in Ulysses Currie case

BALTIMORE (AP) - The head of the Maryland State Highway Administration has testified about the persistence a state senator accused of bribery applied to getting traffic lights installed near the stores of a grocery chain that was paying him.

Neil Pedersen testified Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore, where Sen. Ulysses Currie is on trial.

Emails sent by Pedersen in 2004 show that Currie pressed hard to have a traffic light installed at a Baltimore County Shoppers Food Warehouse, even though two requests had been denied. The traffic light was never approved, but a change was made at the intersection to allow left turns.

Currie was paid more than $245,000 by Shoppers. Prosecutors say the payments were bribes, but Currie's lawyers say he only worked as a consultant and did nothing illegal.