Former Redskin Josh Morgan charged for assaulting D.C. parking valet

(WJLA) - Josh Morgan is a six-foot-one, 220-pound former Redskins player. But this 23-year-old parking valet said that he had no idea who Morgan was when he stepped out of an SUV with two women outside Cities Lounge early Sunday morning.

"The girls walked past and I just looked in their direction and then I turned back straight," explained the valet.

After he says he looked at the women, the five-foot-nine, 140-pound valet was approached by the large man who was with them:

“He walks over to me and says, 'you just going to look at my girl?'"

The valet said he nonchalantly and calmly told the man in response that he was at work, and to have fun inside the club:

"I did nothing. I tried to handle it in the most professional way. I am at work."

But that didn’t seem to work.

"He said, 'you gonna just disrespect me,' and then he pushed me."

Soon, Morgan was joined by three other men.

"I am nervous," recalls the valet. "I don't know what is about to happen, I look up and in a blink of an eye, he just punched me in the mouth. I instantly started bleeding. Like, I can't even talk because so much is coming from my mouth."

His valet jacket is still bloodied, and still having no idea that the man was Josh Morgan, the valet said he watched as the bouncer simply allowed Morgan and his group continue on into the lounge:

“He still let him go into the club and once that happened, I kind of calmed down and I was like, you know what, this is unfair."

He told officers who rushed in moments after the punch that he would planned to proceed with the charges. The valet said that when he got home from the hospital as well as the police station, he Googled Morgan’s name, and found out that he was a pro football player who had graduated from the same high school he did: HD Woodson.

"I would have loved that guy," he said. "I would have looked at him like a hero, but I saw a side of him that was unbelievable."

The Chicago Bears, which recently signed Morgan, issued the following statement on Monday:

“We are aware of Josh Morgan’s presence at a weekend incident in Washington, D.C. We are currently gathering information to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the event.”