Former National Director of Junior ROTC not guilty of assault and battery

WOODBRIDGE, VA (WJLA)- Former National Director of the Junior ROTC program William McHenry was found not guilty of assault and battery today.

McHenry was initially charged with sexual battery, but the charge was later amended to assault and battery.

The accuser, who wishes to remain unnamed, says that last September she checked her young daughters into the Woodbridge Ikea daycare when she was approached by 66-yearold William McHenry. She claims the conversation started friendly, but quickly turned overly sexual. She claims McHenry started talking about his genitalia, saying "you can call me Daddy anytime." and "I could go beyond 50 Shades of Grey", referring to the best selling erotic novel by that title.

The accuser claims McHenry then grabbed her buttocks before she walked away. When asked why she didn't walk away earlier, she says "I definitely felt that I was in some sort of danger. I felt that he was volatile."

McHenry admits he made sexually charged comments, but claims that the aggressive flirting was mutual, and that he never grabbed her buttocks.