Football fans react to national anthem protests

Football fans react to national anthem protests (ABC7)

Demonstrations were carried out at every NFL game Sunday. Dozens of players, including several Redskins, kneeled, and entire teams decided not to take the field during the singing of the national anthem.

Their actions were sparked by President Trump’s comments Friday at rally in Alabama, calling on NFL owners to fire players who demonstrate during the "Star Spangled Banner." His tone adding fuel to the fire.

On Sunday, even singers took a knee during their performance of the anthem.

“It’s good to see more players taking the initiative and making a statement,” said Redskins fan Wesley Wood.

“I would like to remove politics from the game and play the game,” Redskins fan Willie Moncure said.

Outside FedEx Field, fans had differing opinions on the president’s comment. The Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity backed their frat brother, currently unemployed NFL QB Colin Kaepernick.

But all agreed, the president’s “Get that son of bitch off the field,” comment was a poor choice of words.

“You are literally calling someone’s mom a female dog,” said Raiders fan Chris Brown.

“I voted for Trump, I don’t like seeing that bold of statement,” said Redskins fan Joseph Vaughn.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell called the president’s words "divisive" and showed a "lack of respect" for players.

The president later tweeted Sunday, "standing with locked arms is a good show of solidarity instead of kneeling."

Redskins fan Hannah Smith supports the player’s movement, but agrees with Trump, even if she disagrees with his politics.

“I would rather have them come out and link arms and show that we stand together and we unify together and show that we are not going to back down,” she said.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder locked arms with his players on the sideline during the anthem as well Sunday.

Players and teams that kneel or do not take the field for the singing of the national anthem can be fined at the NFL’s discretion. NFL says it does not intend to hand out any fines.

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