Food trucks raise money for families of Navy Yard victims

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - It’s been weeks since Aaron Alexis opened fire at the Navy Yard, killing 12 people, but Lena Malcolm is encouraging her customers to keep giving.

“Just to let you folks know we are - all the trucks - are participating in donating to the victims of the Navy Yard shooting,” Malcolm says to a customer from the window of the Red Hook Lobster Pound truck.{ }

“I've been giving them singles so if they want to donate anything, I'm letting them know they can drop it into the Red Hook bag for us and we will gladly pass it on to the families of the victims,” Malcolm says.{ }

Red Hook is one of dozens of trucks gathered on the Half Street Fairgrounds a few blocks from the base for Truckeroo –a monthly food truck festival. Friday, the festival turned into a large fundraiser for the victims of the Navy Yard shooting.{ }

Perched on the aluminum counters{ }were small jars filled with dollar bills. Each donation will go to the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region to assist the victims’ families.{ }

It was in part Ryan Kim’s idea. Kim’s mother is a federal worker and much of his staff is from the D.C. area.{ }

“I thought, we all park here at some point in time,” Kim says. “These are all just like our neighbors, our coworkers, our friends. Why not?”{ }

Jeff Stewart says the gesture touches him personally. The naval architect was inside Building 197 on Sept. 16.

“It’s really, literally like the least I can do,” Stewart says. “I know they’re going through anguish.”{ }

“It's just a lot of tragedy going on,” Malcolm says. “So we like to do our part in giving back to the community and this is a really important cause.”