Food trucks limited to 60 minute parking in Arlington

Customers are complaining about the 60 minute time limit food trucks have for parking in Arlington County.

Food trucks in Southeast D.C., such as the Big Cheese, can stay in the same parking spot for hours.

However, when those trucks cross into Arlington, they can only park in designated areas for 60 minutes before risking a ticket.
Patrick Rathbone, owner of The Big Cheese said, "It's not ideal. Honestly, the time limit should be a minimum of two hours. Potentially up to three or fours."

Customers in Arlington add the time crunch is too much.

"Everyone takes different lunch breaks and 60 minutes does not cover everyone's lunch hour,” said a Falls Church, Va. resident.

Even with hungry customers waiting in line, the food truck would still have to relocate to a different parking spot.

Jill Griffin of Arlington Economic Development thinks it may be time for a change.

"In 2008, we actually expanded from five minutes to 60 minutes, and we thought that was a pretty big expansion, but we recognize there may be challenges with that," Griffin said.

She is speaking with resident and truck owners in hopes of bringing forth new vending rules within this coming year.

Until then, food trucks stopping in Arlington will have to race against time.

"You know you have to get in and do your business and get out. It's sort of a quick strike type of thing," Rathbone said.