Food & Friends deliver water to those who need it most

Even in 100-degree heat, Antoine Johnson can’t stop smiling.

He and his partner Tamika loaded water, gallon by gallon, into a white delivery van. On Wednesday, they made eleven stops in Prince George’s County, where they delivered clean water to those who needed it most.

For three years, Johnson has worked with Food and Friends – a non-profit that delivers groceries to the sick and elderly.

“A lot of them are home-bound," he explained."They’re living with issues like cancer.

Kerry Stoltzfus helps run the program, and says the drop-offs are crucial.

“It means the ability for them to be safe at home throughout the water crisis," she said.

Five gallons of water went to Lenora Quinn, whose husband started hospice a few weeks ago. And with clients like Quinn, Johnson shared a laugh as well as his own story:

“I've actually experienced what they're going through, through family members -- I had an uncle that died of AIDS when I was younger. My mom also died of cancer, so this is one way I can honor her.”

But even when the water runs out, his work still isn’t over.

“Actually, I got one client I'm going to see after I get off today," he said. "She was saying she needed a extra few bottles of water so I said no problem I'll drop them off."

Even at the end of a long day, Johnson still can’t stop smiling.