Food delivery workers targeted by robbers

Juan Ayala thinks about it everytime he goes out to deliver food - the possibility he could get robbed.

"It makes me scared. I try very hard to be careful. If something doesn't look right, I don't get out of my truck", said Ayala.

There has been a string of at least a half dozen robberies, some of them at gunpoint, in the Woodbridge area. Those who deliver food are targets.

One happened after food was delivered to Betty McMillian's home.

As the teen who brought the pizza walked back to his car, he had his cash taken.

"I didn't know anything about it. It makes me feel so sad. I am relieved nobody was hurt, but what is happening?" McMillian said.

In some cases, the robbers actually make the call to order the food. The address for the delivery ends up being a vacant home. Now, some restaurants are stopping their deliveries.

Others are double checking addresses, which is tough sometimes, as orders are often made from cellphones.

Prince William County Police say they don't believe all the robberies are being committed by the same people. Some seem well-planned, others appear to be crimes of opportunity.