Folklife festival has audience jamming to Motown tunes

The Independence Day weekend has been a busy one on the National Mall.

With the exception of last night's rain-out, the Smithsonian folklife festival has been going strong all weekend with the sweet sounds of Motown.

At the motor city tent it was all about the rhythm the music. People just couldn't keep still and the dance floor stayed busy.

A lot of the singers and musicians had some age on them, but they had the authentic Motown sound because they used to work for Motown:

"I love it, we need to have this in every state, every city,” said former Motwon singer Kim Weston.

George MacGregor of the funk brothers said "people like the music and you can't beat the 60s.”

In the audience, many gray-haired baby boomers were suddenly teenagers in the 60s again.

"I'm blown away, I don't have word to express,” said Sheila Carmichael.

Exhibitions featuring Colombia music, food, crafts and the peace corps exhibit were also part of the Folk life festival.