Flash mob strikes 7-Eleven in Germantown

A flash mob of about 30 people stole snacks and drinks from a 7-Eleven store Saturday, police said.

The mob was inside the store, located at 13001 Wisteria Drive, for about a minute at about 1:45 a.m.. Video of the incident shows members of the flash mob crowding into the store and taking items from shelves.

The alleged thefts can be seen laughing and smiling as they grab drinks and snacks. A store clerk appears not to understand at first what’s happening but soon realizes he’s helpless to stop it.

The group took about $450 worth of goods from the store.

Some of the suspects covered their faces with clothing.

People at the busy Germantown shopping center where the 7-Eleven is located said they were angry that amounts to nothing more than a gang crime has apparently become something of a fad.

“I think it’s awful,” said Kathy Welsch. “Where in the hell are their parents?”

While it seems like a game to the youths in the surveillance video, the police are not amused.

“The kids seem to think this is a joke. That this is fun. That these are the activities they'd like to engage,” said officer Jeanelle Smith of the Montgomery Police. “The police do not see that as a joke.”

Anyone who can recognize the suspects in the video or photo gallery is urged to call Montgomery County police at 240-773-6200.