Flash flooding in Prince George's County creates traffic headaches

(WJLA) - Flash flooding in Prince George's County has inundated roads and and yards with water, creating major traffic issues and damaging homes.

The rain came hard, heavy, and so fast that storm drains couldn’t keep up.

Charles Fullers said that it was only raining for about 15 minutes before the nightmare started at his house in Riverdale Park:

"I'm 62, I've never seen water come this fast. The next thing I know, my back door downstairs I went to check, and it's filled with water."

And then the deluge filled Kenilworth Avenue with brown water, with drivers of several flooded cars led to safety by firefighters. John Abeh pulled off just in time:

"I was trapped. Very, very scary -- I've never seen this before."

Meanwhile, the mess on Paint Branch Parkway involved two vehicles trapped under the railroad tracks – including one big military vehicle belonging to University of Maryland Police.

"Even a Humvee is not immune to flooded roadways," said Sgt. Rosanne Hoaas.

Experts say that this was the definition of a flash flood, as more than two dozen drivers were stranded in high water in a matter of 30 minutes – not to mention the damage done to homes.

Peter Uwandi’s family home in Berwyn Heights is one of a couple dozen flooded by the rain. Once the flood on his street got deeper, it poured down his driveway, across the lawn, and into his brother’s room in the basement:

"Everything is gone -- the TV, bed, couches, clothes, shoes, everything..."

Meanwhile, Steven Ruiz shines a light on the murky swamp that used to be his home in Berwyn Heights.

"it's my place of sanctuary...and now it's gone."

The belongings in his basement were destroyed by a rising flood that left a high water mark of debris and had his family looking for escape routes.

"We've had a few floods before but we've never had it raise up to at least our necks. It was really high, we would have to almost swim through it."

And as the water poured in, a man living here had to be pulled out of this window by fire crews, who later went house to house, checking on flood damage.

The area is now a muddy mess, but hours earlier, this yard in Riverdale Park was submerged, with Jo Arnone’s partner Fiona posting this picture of her hip-deep in a river running right past their house.

The rain briefly made the couple owners of waterfront property.

A Flash Flood Warning remains in effect in Prince George's County and parts of Washington until 1:45 p.m. Tuesday. Tuesday's rain fell at rates of 1-2 inches per hour in areas of Prince George's County near FedEx Field and College Park. The College Park Volunteer Fire Department said via its Twitter account that it was dealing with numerous water rescues.

Crazy flash flood Kenilworth Ave at 410.

— Brad Bell (@ABC7Brad) June 10, 2014

2 vehicles stranded in high water on Paint Branch Parkway under Metro bridge. All rescued. No imj College Park

— Mark Brady (@PGFDPIO) June 10, 2014