Five-story D.C. home called an eyesore

One home in a D.C. neighborhood is getting a lot of attention after its owner began renovating the two-story row house into a five-story building.

"I mean, it's this nice street with row houses and then there's this big one in the middle. I don't know how it got through," said neighbor Joe Donnelly.

Resident Josh Meyer added, "I work from home, and I just watch people walk by and stare at it all day long,"

D.C.'s U Street Corridor is booming. Buildings of all shapes and sizes are going up as developers seek to cash in on a hot market.

Developer Ken Falkner is turning the V Street NW row house into three condominiums.

Falkner said, "With the metal framing on the insides so it's really well supported, it's actually one of the best homes made in the District."

The house has been the talk of blogs and LISTSERVs in the area, with many wondering why DCRA, the city's regulatory authority, would allow it.

"We get complaints from neighbors saying aesthetically it doesn't look right for the neighborhood, but the building code cares about safety and stability of a building not necessisarily whether the building looks nice, " explained DCRA Spokesman Helder Gil.

And at least one neighbor, who put a deck and extra room on his roof, is telling the developer to go for it.

Rick Ziegler added, " got to give them credit. They're trying to make the most of the opportunity they're sitting on."

Since the U Street Corridor is not a historic district, buildings up to 80 feet tall can be constructed.