Five heroin overdose victims discovered on same day in Annapolis

(WJLA) - Five victims of apparent drug overdoses were found within hours of each other Tuesday in Annapolis.

The drug of choice? Heroin.{ } Annapolis police told WJLA the overdoses are related and that the dope likely came from the same dealer.

The first overdose cases were discovered after residents of The Landings noticed a suspicious car parked by a pool. Moments later, two men were found out cold on the pavement and a third slumped over the front seat of the car.

Then, three hours later and a short distance away, someone spotted a man and a woman lying unconscious in a car at the East Port Shopping Center.

Some 36 cases of heroin overdoses were reported so far this year.

The problem is becoming so bad that, local police are considering adding Norcan, a nasal spray that counters the effects of heroin, to their everyday work supplies.

Sammy Awakian, the owner of Sammy's Restaurant in Annapolis said he still can't believe two people overdosed in the East Port Shopping Center, just feet from his establishment.

He said he usually has{ } good customers; people who work as doctors and lawyers

The incidents remain under investigation by local police.

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