Fit for Mom or Fit4Moms? Local entrepreneurs in showdown over name

Cordaro Fit, formerly Fit4Moms, has a class outside. Photo: Kimberly Suiters/ABC7

Two local businesses have come to a showdown over a name.

Both are in the fitness industry in a region where many care about staying in shape and to both, your name is everything.

One's on the Alexandria waterfront and the other in an Arlington park.

The two successful entrepreneurs both have loyal followings. But the problem is that they share the same name.

Sheila Cordaro says Fit4Moms has been her identity for a long time, part of her life for 7 years.

Jennifer Lungren is an original franchisee of Stroller Strides, with 1,700 locations nationwide. Its headquarters recently switched names to Fit4Mom, a name it trade marked in September 2006, the very same month and year Cordaro registered her business - but not the trademark. Lawyers now insist Cordaro drop the name.

Lungren's business is now called{ }Arlington-Alexandria Fit For Mom. She says she sympathizes with Cordaro, as do Cordaro's 250 clients.

“I think it's a shame, she's a local mom, in Arlington, but this doesn't change me coming here or believing in her,” says Kristina Boehk, a Cordaro client.

And Cordaro's a competitor who knows what to do when knocked down. She's changing to a new name, Cordaro Fit.

Cordaro says she's found unexpected benefits in dropping the "mom" from her biz name. She's training more men, teens, and athletes in general now.

Asked if she plans to register the trademark for her new name, Cordaro Fit, she answers, with a smile, "I'd be a fool not to."