Fiscal Cliff: Federal workers, locals brace for fiscal cliff

“Watching children skate round and round” is how many Americans would describe what they're watching now on Capitol Hill with the fiscal cliff negotiations.

And near the Pentagon, it's also quite alarming. No budget deal would lead to sequestration - across the board government cuts that would mean $500 billion in defense cuts over the next decade.

The planning has already begun for temporary layoffs. And civilian furloughs could impact up to 800,000 workers.

Patti Marohn is a government consultant who works with the FAA. Big cuts at the agency could surely trickle down to Marohn.

There’s "a lot of uneasiness,” Marohn says. “Nobody knows what's going to happen"

Lindsay Moffit is a server at Shinay in Pentagon City, where 70 to 80 percent of customers come from the Pentagon.

If they're not working there, they're not coming here.

“It's affecting every person at every level,” Moffit says. “It's definitely scary because what am I going to do.”