First Whole Foods Market opens in Prince George's County

First Whole Foods Market opens in Prince George's County. (John Gonzalez/ABC7)

Bread is broken. The first Whole Foods Market in Prince George’s County is open.

“I think we have just been overlooked and now we’re growing. They’re bringing more things to this county,” said Carolyn Murray, from New Carrollton.

After six years of hard work and construction delays, the county that has struggled to attract high-end brands now has the food chain that says it avoids artificial ingredients.

“You don’t have to read the label here,” said Pia daSilva, the store team leader. “It’s just a symbol of change and progress,” she said.

The store also prides itself on local products.

And speaking of local, daSilva says two-thirds of the store’s employees is from Prince George’s County.

The store opening means about 170 new jobs. The entire multi-use development, Riverdale Park Station, will bring in about $5 million for the county each year.

“That’s what this is about, better choices,” said Diane Collins, from Riverdale Park.

The seafood department gets six deliveries a week.

We spotted a “color added” sign in front of the Atlantic salmon, but Wayne Gallagher says it’s all natural.

“We use keratin derived from algae to help color the first. It’s a natural color,” said Gallagher.

Customers tell us they no longer have to travel to surrounding counties.

“It will probably draw in a lot more people from around the area, even it will probably draw people from the city,” said Eric Flory, from Greenbelt.

A spokesman for the county executive says it’s more than a grocery store to the county, what was considered a food desert just three years ago.

“It may cost a little bit more, but it’s worth it,” said Collins.

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