Fire crew fills pool during storm aftermath

Controversy is swirling around a D.C. fire crew's decision to answer a call to fill a swimming pool.

During the chaos following Friday's deadly storm, Engine Company 30 paused to fill a privately-owned pool.

David Edwards watched the operation from his back yard.

"They took the hose off the truck, and they just put it over in the tank and they filled it up," Edwards recalled. "It was kind of strange to see the fire truck back here filling the pool up though."

The fire truck and its crew spent close to an hour out of commission while other rescue workers raced from call to call on Saturday.

D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbee says he is launching an investigation to find out who approved the request.

Ellerbee added, "I don't know why they did it. I don't think I would have done it. I know I would not have done it, but it may have been to help a citizen who was hot."

But, union leaders say they have a pretty good idea who gave the pool priority.

Ed Smith, the president of Local 36, said, "It had to come down from headquarters."

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