Feed DC helps low income students in D.C.

Photo: Mary Kay Mallonee

Four D.C. high school girls who shared a passion for helping others set out to make a difference in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged in D.C. by running their own non-profit organization called Feed DC.

Students at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary are in for a treat from the founders of Feed DC.

The group provided 450 brand new backpacks full of all kinds of school supplies to get them started on the new year.

"We want to feed the community whether it be with food, or supplies or toiletries, any necessities, clothing, patients in the hospital that need toys,” says founder Victoria Teng-Le.

The young women forged their bond as teenagers doing charity work in D.C.

The women work hard collecting every donation they can get - often using their own money to buy supplies.

The women say their organization might be small right now but their dreams for Feed DC are big.

"Sky's the limit. Sky's the limit,” Teng-Le says.