Feds investigating Mayor Gray's administration

A federal criminal investigation into D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s administration is focusing on consultant Howard Brooks and Gray’s campaign chairwoman Lorraine Greene, according to a story in the Washington Post.

The Post found that a grand jury convened to look into allegations by former mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown has already granted immunity to at least one witness.

The investigation was sparked at Brown alleged earlier this year that Gray’s administration paid him to talk badly about then-mayor Adrian Fenty during the campaign. Brown claimed he was promised a job in Gray’s administration in exchange for criticizing Fenty in the lead up to the election.

The federal investigation has been underway for more than 6 months.

Howard Brooks has not been seen in public since the campaign. His son Peyton was given a government job after the election. Peyton Brooks later resigned and has now been granted immunity.

His father along with brown have both provided their fingerprints to federal investigators. Brown has said he saved the envelopes in which gray's campaign gave him cash.

A source has told ABC7's Mark Segraves that Howard Brooks is also cooperating with prosecutors and has worn a wire.

The Post’s story stated that federal authorities are also examining possible campaign donation wrongdoing.

Gray and staff in his administration have denied any wrongdoing.

Gray says he has not been asked to testify before the grand jury or to provide fingerprints.

"I haven't been called for anything at this stage,” he said. “We want to cooperate with the investigation as we said we would and we will continue to provide witnesses and documents requested of us by the US attorney."

Brown was hired to Gray's administration and paid $110,000 to serve as the Department of Health Care Finance's special assistant. But he was let go in a contentious episode.

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