FedEx ships nearly 19 million packages on busiest day

Today, more than any other day of the year, Roger Robinson is performing this routine. The 31-year FedEx vet has built a routine of his own in anticipation of the frenzy.

“Last week I took vacation and I rested in preparation for this week and the weeks to come,” he says.

FedEx expects to ship 19 million packages Monday alone. It will be its busiest 24-hour period of the year. Last year FedEx shipped only 17 million on its busiest day.

An Alexandria facility saw an excess in packages.

“On a Monday we’re averaging probably 9,000 inbound for packages. Today we did 11,000 so that’s a big jump for us,” says Paul McCoy, Operations Manager.

Alexandria artist Marie-Helene Grabman is among those adding to Monday’s volume.

“This is my second time in about four days I’ve been here and I still have more to ship out,” she says.

The emergence of online shopping is contributing to the annual workload on this day. Online holiday sales jumped 17 percent this year which means couriers have transporting a lot of Apple and Amazon products, but they’re handling some unusual holiday gifts, too.

“Christmas trees, shovels,” says Robinson.

While Monday was the busiest day for FedEx, it was not the busiest day for UPS. Their busiest day is December 20 and expect to ship out 28 million packages in 24 hours.