Federal credit union refuses serving women for wearing hats

The HEW credit union sign. (Photo: Mark Segraves)

The HEW Federal Credit Union is taking a stand against people they perceive to be "thugs" based on what they wear. Their appearance rules ban people wearing hats, hooded sweatshirts and sunglasses from entering branches.

But is a nice lady wearing a scarf or head band really dangerous?

The credit union seems to thinks so.

Four women on Friday were refused service at the Silver Hill branch of the credit union in District Heights because they were wearing scarves, a head band and even a hair net.

"They denied me entrance to the bank as soon as I got to the door," says Kim Anderson, a Credit Union customer who was refused service.

The women, clearly angry at the bank’s policy, plan to file a discrimination suit.

"The guard said, ‘I'm sorry you can't come in,’” Anderson says. “I said, ‘why not?’ He said, ‘you have to remove your scarf. That's our policy.’ I'm like no."

The woman said they even say the bank force a woman to take a wig off.

Businesses are allowed to restrict what customers wear for safety reasons, according to the Prince George's County Human Relations Commission.

"It made me feel terrible," says Sandra Belk, a credit union customer who was turned away.