FBI investigating suspicious package in Arlington

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FBI agents are investigating a suspicious package in Arlington, where guns and PVC pipes were discovered.

The FBI worked the scene in the 1000 block of Patrick Henry Drive well into the evening. Agents canvassed the neighborhood near a wooden spot. A photo posted on the website shows a member of the bomb squad removing what looks to be a box with the butt of an assault style weapon sticking out.

“It's quite a shock especially for this neighborhood,” said resident Karl Kieffer.

A construction crew working on expanding I-66 made the discovery. When Arlington County realized the workers had unearthed a gun and PVC pipes filled with metal, they called in federal authorities.

“Somebody was making pipe bombs,” speculates resident Tom Adams.

Swanson middle school nearby was locked down briefly until investigators determined no explosives were present. Agents spent the bulk of the day trying to determine whether anything else is buried in this area. Investigators also asked residents whether any military personnel live nearby.

While the investigation continues the people in this neighborhood hope no more weapons or pipes are found here. “I can't even imagine any of my neighbors even owning a gun,” said Kieffer.

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