Fatal hit and run closes 395 ramp by Route 110

A 62-year-old man was killed in the hit-and-run crash. Photo: ABC 7

A 62-year-old veteran, who was reported missing and endangered by his girlfriend in Massachusetts, was killed in a hit-and-run on Route 110 in Arlington Tuesday morning, police said.{ }

All traffic lanes of Route 110 have been reopened from the accident Tuesday morning, police said.

Arlington{ }Police say the man was{ }seen walking in the southbound lanes of Route 110 near Arlington National Cemetery{ }before he was struck. Police say the impact threw the man 60 feet away, where he landed on a sidewalk.

A car reportedly drove by, saw an adult man on the side of the road that had been hit by a car and called 911, Arlington Police said. There is no information on the car that reportedly hit the victim.

The victim is identified as Robert Shepard, 62, of Massachusetts. Authorities say he was carrying a wallet and identification. He was reportedly wearing construction boots and{ }camouflage pants, and{ }it’s unclear why he was reported missing.