Fans at FedEx get the pat down under new NFL security rules

Before Redskins fans could enjoy the excitement of Sunday's matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, they faced a new security challenge: enhanced pat-downs.

"With the situation with 9/11, anything can happen", said Cliff Jones, waiting in line to get inside.

The more thorough pat-downs... ankles to the knee, as well as from the waist up, began today at FedEx Field, and other NFL stadiums.

"People out here doing all kinds of things", says Jake Johnson, a District resident who says the enhanced checks will help with security threats.

"They bring anything into a stadium to do something to people. So I guess that's a good way to try to prevent it", he adds.

The new policy follows an incident captured on YouTube.

Police say just last week, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11-- 59 year old Leroy McKelvey sneaked a stun gun into a Jets-Cowboys game in New Jersey.

Despite a high level of security, McKelvey is seen in the video, firing the stun gun into the crowd, allegedly injuring three people.

Chad Gordy, from Salisbury, Maryland, worries about the same thing happening at FedEx.

"I know there was a fight or something to that effect", he says.

"You don't want any kid getting hurt."

The downside: longer lines, and for some, concerns about being physically searched by a stranger.

"We all have to go through it", says Jackie Shelton.

"It's a little bit, I don't know, that's kind of weird-- they're going to pat us down?"

The pat-downs are gender-specific: men are checked by men, women are patted down by women.

Lorena Garcia, from Bowie, put it this way:

"I'm totally in agreement with that, as long as we can celebrate safely, I'm okay with that."