Family of five welcomes triplets

Kelly Hansen welcomed not one, but three additions to her family Tuesday. Identical twin sisters Mia and Lexie and baby brother Austin were born Monday night.

Recovering in the hospital nearly 24 hours after giving birth, Hansen says the reality is still settling in. “I'm still in a little shock," she said.

It was a surprise when she found out she was pregnant, and even more so when the sonogram showed not one, but three fetuses. At first, Hansen didn't believe it.

"I kept having to count over and over again,” she said. The chances of having triplets are slim: Less than 1 percent of women have natural triplets
Hansen already has three kids, now 8, 6 and 4 years old. She hadn’t planned on having more. "We were finally able to go out and do things we couldn't do when the kids were younger," she said.

Not long after learning her family of five would soon be eight, hardship struck. Hansen's husband lost his job as a landscaper and her body began wearing out from carrying the extra load.

"It was really hard,” she said. “I could no longer work."

What helped them was team spirit – not just their family’s, but also that of the mom’s power puff football team Hansen played on. Teammates Naomi Kurzyna and Carol Vacca set up a website where volunteers could sign up to bring over meals, look after Hansens' kids and donate pampers and other necessities. They even hired a cleaning service.

Hansen says she doesn't know what she'd do without the help of her teammates. They say there's one thing left on the list: A van to fit all the children.