Peter Laboy: Family says Alexandria officer is 'improving every moment'

Family members say the officer wounded during a traffic stop last month is making remarkable strides in his recovery.

Alexandria Police Officer Peter Laboy was attempting to make a routine traffic stop Feb. 27 when he was shot in the head by a cab driver, police say. Doctors described his injury as catastrophic, something that most people would not have survived.

From the pastry shop in Hollin Hall to the jewelry store in Old Town, Alexandria is uniting and giving in Laboy's name.{ }

"It's heartbreaking, so everyone here is just very generous and understanding," said Nadia Patnade at Holin Hall Pastry Shop.

Patnade put a donation cup on the counter last weekend. Within days, it was filled with $500.

At Kings Jewelry, they're donating money to the Laboy Family Fund, as well as a big ticket item for an upcoming auction.

Sergeant Matthew Weinert is helping to organize the Alexandria Police Association's auction for Laboy on Sunday.

Sticks signed by the Capitals and shoes signed by the Wizards are among the special items coming in from across the region and across the country, aand no one asked for any of it.

"It's amazing," said Weinert. "You look at this and never expected this from the community. We never saw it coming."

Laboy's wife, Suzanne, keeps a journal on about her husband's progress. The blog has received more than 30,000 visits. Earlier Friday, she wrote, "...He is flying full force. He rubs my back and holds my hand."

On Thursday, she wrote, "Yesterday was a word. Today it's a sentence. He is improving every moment of the day."

"It is a miracle. But Peter is a fighter, and Peter doesn't do anything halfway,"{ }Weinert added. "He gets things done."