Family, friends remember Jayna Murray with outdoor yoga class on Bethesda Avenue

Jayna Murray's father, mother, and sister-in-law were among the famiily and friends honoring Murray on Saturday. Photo: Mike Conneen/ ABC7

Anyone walking into the now reopened Lululemon store in Bethesda couldn't miss the stained-glass window--a tribute to slain employee Jayna Murray.

Murray, an active, athletic 30-year-old, was allegedly killed in the store last March by her co-worker, 28-year-old Brittany Norwood--after Norwood had been suspected of stealing.

Now, with the store open, a special remembrance of Murray: Bethesda Avenue, directly in front of the store was closed to traffic, for a one-hour outdoor yoga class--a celebration of Murray's life.

David Murray, Jayna's father says the turnout was overwhelming.

"The community support not just for us, but for the store and all of Jayna's colleagues at the store. It's a fantastic showing."

Athletes and gyms across the region are remembering Murray, too.

Instructors at an Arlington, Va. gym have named a special workout after her, a living tribute.

"We put a really difficult workout together", says instructor Siddharth Sawkar. "As a gym, that's how we kinda showed our support. All right, it's a new beginning now."