Anne Arundel County: Family found living on boat

(WJLA) - This is the area the sailboat was docked, where Cyprus Creek meets the Magothy River in Anne Arundel County. Someone here called police when they spotted two children huddled under blankets on deck.

"It's pretty bad...I'm surprised for this area," says resident John Capper.

"It was just unbelievable to hear of the conditions and those poor children," adds Michelle Van Daniker.

Investigators tell us they found a 28-foot sailboat with no running water, electricity, or heat. A family of five and two dogs were living in the nine-by-ten foot space in deplorable conditions – with human waste in bags and bottles.

"It's sad that in this day and time, we have families living in those conditions -- through circumstance or choice," says Kevin Norton, area resident.

"I can't imagine living in a sailboat and not seeking help from neighbors or anyone," says Tina Robbins.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police have cordoned off the site where the boat is being held, while the court decides what will happen to the children.

"My heart goes out to's a hard situation for all of them," says Nicole Inella.

"Hopefully they will get the help they need so the family can be restored," says Kevin Norton.