Families return to flood-damaged Holly Acres

It’s a day Israel Carrillo has been waiting for.

The Carrillos and other residents were allowed to return to their Holly Acres mobile home to clean up from Tropical Storm Lee.

The September's floods inundated much of the trailer park. Dozens of homes have now been bulldozed, but others sat idle - some vandalized or growing mold - while officials debated whether to let owners rebuild. County supervisors said no, a decision overturned by an appeals board Monday.

“It's the right thing to do,” says Kellie Dickerson, Holly Acres property manager. “These are good families. They’re working hard and they just want to be home.”

Luis Reyes is fixing his trailer up so his wife and four children can come back. He wishes he could buy a new place and start over, but lacks the financial means.

Some families have been living with relatives or in homeless shelters. On Tuesday, volunteers, businesses, churches, schools and citizens offered a Thanksgiving meal to the displaced families.