On Father's Day, families react to arrests in teens' murder

(Family photos)

Pain for two Montgomery County families is still fresh on this Father’s Day, even after three arrests in connection with a ruthless double homicide.

While clutching a childhood picture, Tina Najjar’s eyes welled with tears. The mother said she's desperate for justice and to clear her son's name.

"If you know my son, you know he didn't do that, he's not capable of it," said Tina Najjar, who keeps her son’s picture in the living room so she can look at him every day.

During a press conference Saturday night, Montgomery County Police said they believe 17-year-old Shadi Najjar and 18-year-old Artem Ziberov were shot to death on the eve of their graduation from Northwest High School was an act of retaliation.

Back in the winter, investigators said it's rumored Najjar committed a drug-related robbery and stole an iPad from one of the suspects' girlfriend. Najjar’s parents refuse to believe it.

"I know my boy, he would never do such a thing," said Adi Najjar, the teen’s father.

Twenty-four-year-old Edgar Garcia, 19-year-old Roger Garcia and 25-year-old Jose Canales-Yanez have been arrested and charged with murder. Police believe they lured Najjar to Montgomery Village on June 5th for revenge, but they're not sure if Ziberov was also an intended target or caught in the crossfire. Both teens were shot multiple times.

"I think it's part of a larger network. I don't think three is it, I don’t think three committed this heinous crime," said William Tewelow, Ziberov’s stepfather.

Both teens were only children with bright futures, and on Father's Day both families are filled with pain and anger, but relief with the three arrests.

“My wife, his mom, and me are very proud of him," said Tewelow, who plans to travel to Russia on Tuesday for his son’s funeral.

"We love our boy we miss him every day," Adi Najjar said. “I hope they get what they deserve and I’m going to see this case until the end until I see justice served.”

All three suspects are due in court Monday afternoon for a bail review hearing.

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